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35,00 $

Opis izdelka

T-Holder je inovativni “držalec srajce”. Sprva ga namestimo okoli stegen, nato pa ga pripnemo na srajco. Povzročil bo, da bo vaša srajca kljub gibanju in premikanju ostala lepo napeta in vam ne bo uhajala iz hlač.

Dodatne informacije

Obseg stegna

10-20, 20-30


  1. :

    Do u send one or two ” as a pair I mean “

    • :

      It is send as a pair + a bag.

  2. :

    Do you send it abroad?

    • :

      Yes, we are sending it all around the world.

  3. :

    How can i check my order? I just order a minuite ago.

    • :

      We have confirmed it by our customer’s service mail.

  4. :

    Do you deliver to the Philippines?

    • :

      Yes, we deliver all around the world.

  5. :

    Shipping to the UAE do u require PO box ? Or u shop directly to home ?

  6. :

    How much do the cost in dollars?

    • :

      The price is written in USD.

  7. :

    I want one

  8. :

    How long does delivery take?

    • :

      around 1-1,5 month.

  9. :

    Just received mine, 100 times more comfortable then what I was using before. Only issue I have is that the straps are not adjustable, I had to sew the straps to make them shorter. Making them adjustable would allow me to use them on all different lengths of shirts.

    • :

      We will take that suggestion in the consideration, thank you!

  10. :

    Did i read right that it will take over a month to recieve?

    • :

      Yes, this is true, because we make every product uniquely for its customer.

  11. :

    These are really awesome. They’re made for shorter shirts with thinner fabrics so they don’t work with polos easily. But I was able to still get mine to work on a polo shirt. You can also wrap the longer pieces around the thigh piece so it can work for longer shirts. I am in love with these.

    • :

      We are glad that you like our product!! :))

  12. :

    Do you do returns? Just in case the straps are not the right size or there is something wrong with the T-Holder

    • :

      Yes we do.

  13. :

    How should i measure my thigh? At the thickst part and then you bring it in a bit or should i measure just below?

    • :

      Please check a photos in the “shop” menu, there is shown where the measurement should be done.

  14. :

    I cant made my orden 🙁

    • :

      Please try to do it by paypal.

  15. :

    Do you deliver to the uk

    • :

      Of course, we deliver worldwide.

  16. :

    You are asking for thigh size.. is it an elastic around the thigh, and how much CM/inches can it stretch? If I gain/lose weight, how far does it stretch?

    • :

      Yes, of course, it is elastics. You can lose or gain +/- 6cm and it will still work perfectly.

  17. :

    when I tried to order, it keeps saying payment_not_testdata. How do i fix this?

    • :

      Credit card option is on testing mode. Please try doing it with Paypal option. Thank you!

  18. :

    Short question guys: Can you see the t holder through pants that are a bit tighter (chinos, jeans, etc.)? Not talking about super tight pants here 🙂

    • :

      No, if the thighs are not super slim fit, the T-Holder will not be seen.

  19. :

    Koliko časa traja če je kupec iz Slovenije?

    • :

      3-5 tednov.

  20. :

    trying to buy but it does not work , I tried to order with other cards also it did not buy , what I get is , paymnet not testdata ???????

    • :


      We are waiting for Paymill confirmation of their services. We have provided them all required documents, but still have to wait. In case it is possible for you, please make an order with paypal paying option.

  21. :

    Is picture number 3″ (3/9) ” is where we are to post to measure our thighs?

    • :


  22. :

    Got mine, these things are fantastic!!! I would only suggest to make them adjustable and also its kinda hard to snap them to shirts that have a rather thick fabric

    • :

      Great!!! We are glad that you like them… Thank you for your prepositions, everything in plan for next version of T-Holder.

  23. :

    Hello there. If I buy today, what is the delivery estimate for brasil?

    Tnx in advance.

    • :

      Hey Andre,

      You would receive it around beginning of October.

  24. :

    When is the next version of the nv t holder coming out? I’m interested in buying them but if you are about to release them i might as well wait! And what are you doing differently to the next one then the original :)?

    • :

      They will be released in a very short time 😉 You will see.

  25. :

    I drive tour buses and do lot of moving and loading and unloading luggage. Will these stay in place or will I have to adjust them

    • :

      Of course they would.

  26. :

    Is it Airport screening (TSA) friendly? Do you ship to India?

    • :

      It is. We do ship all around the world for free.

  27. :

    How long to ship to USA ? And return policy?


    • :


      If you made an order today, your product would be sent around 15-20 of October. If there is a mistake you have to contact us that we will find a solution for you.

      Kind regards,

  28. :

    Were are you guys located?

    • :


      We are located in Europe – Slovenia. Every product is hand made, uniquely for it’s customer.

      Kind regards,

  29. :

    The photo that displays where to measure doesn’t match the same place that the model has his. Please explain.

    • :


      We want you to send us your thigh measurement on the thickest part. We add our calculations to that measurement to get a perfect size, which will suit you optimally.

  30. :

    Planning on buying your product but I noticed you used a comma instead for a period on your price listing, unless that’s just a really weird font.

    • :

      Yes, it is a very weird font. The price is 35$.

  31. :

    I have my wedding on November 5th 2016 and I just discovered this is there a possibilty if I order today it’ll get here by then ?

    • :

      If you make an order up to 10/10, your product will be sent on 15/10 and you should receive it in 5-15 business days. So yes, we forecast that you would receive it until your wedding.

  32. :

    What if one of my thighs is bigger or smaller than the other can I submit a measurement for both thighs

    • :

      Yes, please submit both measurements, we will make every product in a way that will fit u perfectly.

  33. :

    I have entered wrong address kindly pls tell me how to change my adtress coz I hv made the payment yesterday thx

  34. :

    Hi hello I noticed your product is for preorder is it not available yet and was there a certain time period to order this unique product? Another question if it is still available, what unit of measurement would you prefer when I measure my thighs?

    • :

      No, the product is already available to order (go to shop section). We need your thigh measurement on the thickest part (Check a picture below with a red line).

  35. :

    Is that 35USD or 3500USD

    • :

      It is $35

  36. :

    Good afternoon, I am interested in the product. The shipping is free to any part of the world, good that I understand in your page.
    I would like to provide me more information via email.
    I appreciate the attention.

    • :


      Yes, the shipping is free all around the world! 🙂

  37. :

    Are the straps lenght adjustable? because I’m 1.7 m tall and the straps might be too long for my height.

    • :

      Not yet, but our new product (S-Holder) will have adjustable straps.

  38. :

    How should you measure your thigh, start at the top and go all away around.

    Also is it 38 dollars(American)

    • :


      You should do the measurement on the thickest part of your thigh –> Check a picture below, where it is shown with the red line.

  39. :

    Do u have a sell for Black Friday??

    • :


      Yes it is live at the moment!

  40. :

    When does the S_holder is gonna be for sale?

    • :

      Mid of January.

  41. :

    Hi I was to train to pay for one baut a can’t help me thanks

    • :

      Please contact us on info@nv-tholder.com that we can discuss that matter.

      Thank you

  42. :

    When I place my order tomorrow, will it be delivered before the 31st of december? I live in Belgium

    • :

      In case you make an order before Thursday morning, your product will be sent asap – on Friday morning. The usual delivery time is from 5-15 business days, so it should be delivered in time.

  43. :

    I live in Belgium so we pay in euros, is there any solution for this problem?

    • :


      Please contact us on info@nv-tholder.com that we can discuss that matter.

      Thank you!

  44. :

    I’m interested in buying your product, but i’m tall and have many kinds of shirts -> different length beneath the belt, so I’m more interested in, as you so called, S-holder with adjustable straps. When will it be possible to buy?

    • :

      Mid of January.

  45. :

    When does the new S-Holder with adjustable straps will come out ? Because I need those 🙂 !

    • :

      Mid of January 😉

  46. :

    HI, so i noticed you ask to measure the thickest part of the thigh… in the pictures men wear your t-holdet closer to the knees towards the bottom… what area should i measure is my question?

    • :

      We require the measurement on the thickest part. Please check the 6th photo which shown where to do the correct measurement. After that we will add our special calculations to get a perfect size which will suit you perfectly.

  47. :

    Excellent product. Solved a problem I’ve been struggling to deal with for years. Very satisfied.

  48. :

    I got mine in just 12 days, in Christmas Season! The Customer Service is great too, I would definitely buy again.

    • :

      Love it, thank you! 🙂

  49. :

    When will you be releasing your new improved version you mentioned in an earlier comment? I would like to know when I could order them. Thanks

    • :

      End of January on the Kickstarter!

  50. :

    If I order mine to UpperAustria, when it will arrive here?

    • :

      2-5 weeks 🙂

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